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Interactive Gaming Museums & Events

Memories are some of the most valuable things in life and Retrospekt is all about interactive nostalgia; we bring the past to the present. We provide opportunities for people to relive their childhood gaming memories and introducing classic gaming to youngsters by running hands-on retro gaming museums at a wide variety of community events. Retrospekt have organised and contributed to dozens of gaming museums and events at:

Our museums give people the chance to play classic games on original machines. Beyond the fun provided games, consoles, and computers, our museums also provide the opportunity to educate the community on the history of gaming. We showcase some of the world’s rarer games, consoles and other gaming accessories along with the classics. We supply some the more familiar Nintendo, Sega, and Atari systems, which are all available to play, along with a selection of more obscure consoles such as the Vectrex, Atari Jaguar, PC Engine Duo, 3DO, Neo Geo, Sega Mega CD, and Nuon. We even have numerous versions of Pong and a variety of handheld consoles.

Retrospekt deliver gaming events customised to the needs of event organisers and the community through a wealth of experience, skill, and knowledge. Our event diversity allows for interactive displays such as the chronological evolution of gaming consoles and games; where the floor plan is designed to allow attendees to meander through the gaming ages.The team then curates a wide variety of video games that are carefully selected to suit the theme of every event such as comic heroes, fighters, party games, or arcade classics. We also run tournaments to showcase these games and challenge attendees. Retrospekt prides itself of providing diversity in our exhibitions and in creating new retro gaming memories for all visitors both young and old alike.

Like a fine restaurant, the team carefully selects a game menu that is suited to the event; ensuring that
there is an engaging retro experience for all audiences.


One of Retrospekt’s primary goals is to educate and promote retro culture to the wider community. Our team run seminars and panels where we discuss the history of consoles, the historical significance of our gaming past, and discuss our favourite gaming moments. Our panels have been run at PAX Australia, AVCon, and other local community events. The broad array of expertise of the team has ensured panels encompassing a variety of topics including the best retro games you’ve never played, retro game preservation, obscure consoles, and retro gaming in Japan. These panels have ranged from intimate and specialised to larger panels that are both appealing and accessible.

JoyPad – gaming, live music / DJ / chiptune parties

JoyPad is the music arm of Retrospekt. Our unique events combining retro gaming, DJs, live chiptune and electronic music have been connecting the Adelaide gaming and pop culture community in a festive club environment since 2012. We seek out the best talent in underground live music producers and DJs to provide opportunities for and showcase of local and interstate talent. With an atmosphere and vibe of a club event enhanced by social video games, JoyPad events are a compelling destination for gamers, music lovers, and pop-culture aficionados alike.

In addition to stand-alone JoyPad events, we have collaborated with some of the biggest names in Australia for our genre.

  • JoyPad worked with Futuresounds Adelaide (one of Adelaide’s top electronic music promoters and event organisers) for several years to organise SideQuest – a multi-room charity event featuring many of Adelaide’s finest electronic music artists and gaming whilst raising money for the Starlight Foundation.
  • Our team organised a number of AVCon After Dark music shows, bringing together some of our best local pop-culture DJs with interstate and local live chiptune and electronic music artists.
  • We have coordinated the official Oz-ComicCon After Hours events, combining arcade and console gaming together with DJs for post-convention fun.
  • JoyPad also collaborated with Neko Nation, Australia’s premiere Japan and cosplay dance music event, for recent Adelaide shows, adding our distinct gaming flavour to an already popular event.,

Contact us

If you are planning an event and would like our attendance at any of the following:

  • a gaming convention,
  • community / council event,
  • a music event / gig,
  • anything that deals with video games and pop culture;

please get in touch via our Contacts form or email us and we will forward on a promotional package outlining our services.

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