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The short version – Retrospekt is an Australian retro gaming website.

The longer version – we’re South Australia’s number one retro gaming website and community, with a target audience not limited to just the local, but to the entire retro gaming world. The people behind Retrospekt are passionate about classic gaming and all that it entails . News, reviews, interviews, articles, videos, and more can be found on our newly relaunched website. In addition to the website, we specialise in curating and hosting interactive retro gaming museums at local and interstate conventions, community events, and JoyPad: gaming & live music / DJ parties.

Retrospekt is made up of a team of people dedicated to classic video gaming and culture. We seek to inform, educate, and most importantly entertain. The gang behind the scenes are all gamers from way back and have many years of experience and knowledge to impart. Harnessing the the interactive features of this website and embracing social media, we love interacting with you about all facets of retro gaming. We don’t just cover Nintendo and Sega games and systems – anyone can do that! Retrospekt aim to go above and beyond to embrace all aspects of retro gaming, covering news reviews and opinions from your childhood favourites and more. Whether it be Sonic, Mario, Dizzy, or Superfrog, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Commodore, or Amstrad, we’ve got you covered with a world of classic gaming news and information at your fingertips. If it’s got anything to do with retro gaming, we’re on it.

Welcome to your new retro gaming home.

Welcome to Retrospekt!

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If you have any general queries about the site, please fill in our form on the Contacts page! We’ll get to you as promptly as possible.

Public relations, Product reviews, Interviews & Events

If you are planning an event (be it musical, a convention, or anything that deals with video games and pop culture), and would like our attendance, or if you are a public relations firm, publisher or games developer who would like to send information about your games to us, or if you would like Retrospekt to review your game or product, please send us an email via our Contacts form.

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