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Toy stores, they were one of many major facets of our childhood where we got to get spoilt, or where our parents tried to calm us down, buy our love, or reward us for the hard work at school. To get the latest action figure from that cartoon which had bland, cliche’d storylines purely to sell the said products to make their millions, nevertheless they put a lot of joy in our hearts back then. I myself recall going to plenty back when I lived in Sydney, and many here in Adelaide always giddy with excitement!

So last friday I was invited to check out this gem of a store which is located just under 15 minutes (by car) south of the city. Welcome to Galaxy Toys/Stuck in the 80’s*

*NOTE: Name of store is soon to be changed to Retro Nation!

Located on 396 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, Retro Nation (formerly known as Galaxy Toys), is an absolute goldmine. As you enter the store, you’re confronted by shelves and shelves of toys and collectibles.

It would be quite peculiar if you do not recall at least one item in this store from the (primarily) 70’s, 80’s and 90’s childhood.

There’s definitely no short supply of Transformers here, especially the Generation 1 series.

Plenty of Astroboy/Nintendo memorabilia as well as Thunderbirds! (Granted they now have one less Donkey Kong figurine, I couldn’t resist and had to snag it).

More classic toys (Ninja Turtles, He-Man/She-Ra and Robotech to name a few)

M.A.S.K. and Machine Men (or Machine Robo depending your region)

For every dollar those guys probably hear “OMFG I REMEMBER THOSE!”.. Haha I remember those :P

Large range of Toy guns from many different eras as well as a couple of video games.. No.. no no that’s not all! Come and check the room out the back! Here is where the saliva started to accumulate at the mouth:

Oh and there’s one less copy of Astro Warrior/Pit Pot as well.. Sorry!

It was the opening launch of the Game Dork fashion brand into retail as well last Friday, the staff were very hospitable, passionate, and friendly talking about all the gear they had there.

I must say, that I’m impressed to find a store so packed with cool gear (whether it’s toys, action figures, collectibles, and of course Video Games). Do yourselves a favour and drop on by to Retro Nation, you’ll walk out of there with something purchased, guaranteed!

But hands off the boxed Neo Geo, I got dibs on that (eventually once I get the money for it… sorry Tr!p) ;)

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