Bleep is a radio show hosted by Tom and Steve. This show is dedicated to retro-gaming from the perspectives of a devout console gamer, and a devout computer gamer.

Alternatively you can catch it on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM in South Australia or you can access the radio show live online.

Bleep!: Final Episode #64

Tom is joined by Jenny, Stuart and James (and a pre-recorded Mike from Retrospekt) for the FINAL episode of Bleep to talk about train jousting, cars made of cupboards, and a whole lot of video game reviews. On the show we review Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, The California Raisins: The Grape Escape, System Shock 2, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade and ToeJam & Earl, before signing off for the last time.

Bleep!: Episode 63

Paul joins Bleep to chat about his massive gaming collection, and the lost Amstrad that started it all. He also talks about his Wikipedia article which has gone several years without ever being vandalised! Meanwhile Tom reads a listener submitted review of Psychonauts and discusses the possibilities for a sequel (and why Minecraft might help make it happen)

Bleep!: Episode 62

Tanya joins Tom on Bleep to review Captain Claw, a game about a swashbuckling pirate cat fighting the evil Cocker Spaniards! Also in the show – One of the least futuristic depictions of the year 3000 ever -Grandma’s birthday and the near destruction of Earth -Jackie Chan, Pepsiman and a sneezing eyeball -Fantasy internet plans

Bleep!: Episode 61

Tom is joined by James as they chat about the Sega CD game ‘Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors.’ Also in the show -A Fringe event about Battletoads -Five Steam keys, a Russian and a game of the year -The Berlin Wall (games shop)

Bleep!: Episode 60

Kyal returns to review the 1994 PC game Theme Park, which features salty chips, watered down drinks, numerous toilets, fishmen and workers that have the worst union ever. Tom and Kyal also chat about realism in racing games, a Death Star in hell, why number pads on controllers are never useful, and why Mario Kart crossed with Need For Speed is better than you might imagine!

Bleep!: Episode 59

Guest Michael from joins Tom to talk about the Nokia N-Gage, the E3 that Sony wishes it could forget, and actual battles that took place in ancient Japan. So get sidetalking and attack all weak points for massive damage! It’s Ridge Racer.

Bleep!: Episode 58

Tom is joined by James (aka the writer of Bleep’s Superman 64, Beauty Factory, Shaq Fu and Jurassic Park reviews), as he talks about the PC classic Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage. We also chat about what McPixel and The Pirate Bay have in common, a Dad that password protects his DOS games, why real men rocket jump, an Oregon Trail where you don’t die of dysentry, and we say farewell to Steve with a montage of random Steveclips played over Elvis.

Bleep!: Episode 55

It’s the Christmas edition! Tom reviews a Christmas game, Steve tells Christmas jokes and the audience laughs while Tom is forced to take on the evil role from now on. MUAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Bleep!: Episode 54

Something a little different from the boys this week. They cover another of the Freakchild games, Tom reveals his Halo shame, Steve and Tom both review some smartphone games and our audience chooses the next Bleep promo. A good time was had by all.

Bleep!: Episode 53

Tom reviews Interstate 76 for the PC, a caller with terrible luck, a brand new and thoroughly entertaining listener competition for the live folks and the podcast crew, Steve spots a filthy Zelda joke and DOESN’T TELL IT, and no time for the news again because of all the lovely interaction with our lovely audience.

Bleep!: Episode 52

Steve and Tom are back together again, yay! They chat about the intervening weeks, Steve reviews Shadowrun for the SNES and our audience weighs in on the games of our youths.

Bleep!: Episode 51

Steve is replaced by two guys somewhat confusingly named Kyal and Karl. Meanwhile Tom finally reviews Another World, we discuss why Freelancer is great and games that break the fourth wall… along with many other things!

Bleep!: Episode 50

Tom is away with a bad ju-ju belly bug so Steve fills in the time by inviting a couple of friends to chat about Supanova. Mad costumes, awesome people and the birth of a great war between followers of Felicia and the Elucidated brethren of Elvira!