Oh THQ, such fond memories from back in the day.  Infamous in the 16-bit era, T*HQ as it was known back then, (the name being inspired by the first letters of Toy Head-Quarters)  had a very rough start in the gaming industry.

image source: rpuddle.wordpress.com

When I say rough, I mean rough. Especially with their TV and film tie-ins, such as: Home Alone 1&2, Seaquest DSV, Ren & Stimpy, Power Rangers, and the list goes on.  Even with Nintendo 64 ports of games like Destruction Derby 64 and Road Rash 64 that were more common on other consoles from back in the day.  However, they have picked up the pace in the naughties at least, and many modern titles of late have been superb!  Unfortunately, there are rumours afloat about a potential buy out, or possible closure, which would be sad if true, considering the history that company has had. We shall just have to wait and see what happens!

image source: aeropause.com

On a lighter note, the Reginator, aka Reggie Fils-Aime, has mentioned in an interview with Time Magazine, that the Virtual Console isn’t dead, just resting for a few months, as there will be a load of titles coming out on it. I would hope so, considering that Mega Man 5Mega Man X 2, and RayMan have appeared on the Australian classification boards. 3DS eShop has been getting quite the spotlight lately with loads of 3D Classics and Game Boy titles. Perhaps Nintendo will finally go, “Hey hold on, lets give the Wii VC some lovin’ too!” One can only hope.

Whilst on the subject of Mega Man, here are some Mega Man pixel-inspired illustrations, with a heavy Half-Life 2 influence, done as desktop wallpaper. Pretty minimalistic, which is what you want with desktop wallpaper anyway!

By Deviant Artist Quantumboc (click on the artist’s name to go to the download page)

Last but not least, here’s a really spiffy looking illustration of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat on a SNES. Shame that the console itself has a bit of a discoloured tinge on the front, but it does kind of look like it suits the artwork though, doesn’t it? Lets just try not to think about the SNES version of Mortal Kombat please…

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