Welcome to another edition of Stuck At The Home Screen. We’re back with another collection of neat retro gaming themed video’s we’ve continued to dig up. Let’s get right into it; we hope you enjoy!

Right off the bat today we have LGR with a video on the ol’ DOS title Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?. I spent a chunk of my childhood with these games, in addition to the 90’s cartoon, so this hits right in that nostalgia spot.


Equally as nostalgic to many retro gamers are the myriad of Sonic the Hedgehog games. Here we have the ever informative DidYouKnowGaming with a look at some of the more obscure titles in the franchise.


While you’re still feeling that sweet nostalgia burn from the previous videos, here’s a personal favourite YouTube channel lately; Slopes Game Room, with a long form look at the classic Super Hang-On!. Stay tuned for and extra long Streets Of Rage video retrospective of his that I’ll pop into the next Home Screen post.


Aussie legend Modern Vintage Gamer has put together a video about how he ported the ol’ side-scrolling adventure game Heart Of Darkness to the original Xbox. It’s quite technical, but a very, very interesting watch.


And finally for today, and on a tenuously related subject, we have the Game Boy mod master Insidegadgets with this in-depth and very, VERY technical look at what it takes to build a Game Boy flash cart. They sell these on their website, in addition to other similar items including cart readers and writers. I’ve used those writers before so I could pop the AVCon Game Boy game I created last year onto physical Game Boy carts to enable play on the real-life system. I highly recommend going through this Australian company if you ever need something along those lines.

And that’s it for todays pile of video-based entertainment; be sure to check out our next episode of Stuck At The Home Screen. If you come across a video you think would be good in one of these please feel free to let us know.

From all of us at Retrospekt, stay safe and have a great day.

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