Video Game Haikus

Mike explores the world of video games through an ancient Japanese art style of Poetry.

Retrospekt Videogame Haiku 3.4

Retrospekt Videogame Haiku returns for it's third incarnation! As always, there's more plenty of videos still in the works, but for now let's focus on this here new video. In this episode we do some hamster dancing on a Psybadeck and sing some tongue twisters with a few 70's robots with frankly some extra max level filthy spagett special guests.

Retrospekt Videogame Haikumas 2017

Happy holidays and Merry Haikumas! Retrospekt hopes you've had a great time celebrating this festive time of year with family and maybe a few cheeky games. Maybe you've played one of the seasonally appropriate games in this video such as Christmas Lemmings, Donkey Kong Country 3, or Duke Nukem (yes, they're really all Christmas related ;) ). See you in 2018 with more news, reviews, opinions, features, videos....and more!

Haikupalooza Episode 2

Retrospekt's Video Game Haiku is back again next week. Here's a look back at some of our previous retro game haikus, as well as some good/bad game ads :) Feel free to send in your suggestions for future Haikus via the contact form in the post!

Video Game Haiku, Season 2 Episode 6

Something different to start week six of the Retrospekt Video Game Haiku show, Mike shows the world one of the oldest games he owns. The gameplay may be lacking but the graphics look incredible. We then move on to the putrid fighter Tattoo Assassins, make our main screens turn on for Zero Wing and remember the traumas of the Wonder Boy theme.