The Internet can be a great resource for things that may have been lost in history.

Take this unreleased sequel Glover 2 for example. Here we have a platform game on the Nintendo 64 which never saw its day of release. The collector on states that he scored a copy from another collector who was selling off some prototypes. This strongly reminded me of what happened with StarFox 2. I managed to find the ROM of it, but never got to see much of the game unfortunately.

For those interested, there are plenty of photos, screenshots and more videos to be found on NESworld.


Whilst on the subject of recently discovered games which have never been released, over at the NeoGaf forums somebody has discovered a “sequel” to Diddy Kong Racing which was scheduled for release on the GameBoy Advance.



How many of you have had the privilege to have seen at least one episode of Breaking Bad? Pretty powerful show right? But it has nothing to do with Classic Gaming, although this awesome looking illustration made by JohnnyUtah over on Newgrounds, blends the best of the old school 2D fighter games with, in my opinion, one of the most hardcore TV shows ever made. *hats off*



Meanwhile in the world of iOS, Commander Pixman delivers a simple, yet well presented homage to classic 8-bit platform games. It’s available for AU$1.99, and from my first impressions of this game, it’s a playable, simple, cute tribute to platform games back in the day, but I actually think Commander Pixman is worth it for the music alone :)

(App Store Link)

























Do you happen to have some space around the house that needs to be invaded? Or perhaps you have the urge to make some retro gaming artworks to put around the house but have run out of paint?  Well, here’s a creative way to not only stash your toilet paper, but also show your fandom and decorate your house for next to nothing!

Just makes you wonder though, what the rest of this person’s house looks like…tetris spice rack anyone? :D

From Flickr user abart.

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