It seems we are quickly heading towards the Silly Season again!  It’s nearly time to dust off those decorations and perhaps add a few new items to the collection. And then the fun times begin as we start decorating the house…retro-gaming style of course!


Perhaps you could start your Christmas decorating with one of these adorable 8-Bit Wreaths on your front door!  What better way to show who’s the Yuletide geek in your neighbourhood! :D

Available at Thinkgeek


Over on the iOS there’s a retro-inspired game called “Bomb on Pixel City”. This game is definitely what you’d expect it to be, that is, you get the idea pretty quickly, especially once you look at the screenshot.  It’s a simple concept and comes complete with some kickass tunes. The objective of the game is to time your bomb drops so that the tall buildings are cleared up. “Bomb on Pixel City” is available now.

(App Store Link)












image source: Android-France

For a while now FreeCiv has existed as an open-source alternative to Sid Meier’s classic strategy game Civilisation. Whilst on the topic of whims of portable gaming, I should add that FreeCiv has now been ported onto the Android Platform. You can download the game from this forum thread on


SEGA has been going off with Sonic turning 20 this year! They have been celebrating this milestone in many epic ways, such as the appearance of limited edition trinkets on the web, soundtracks, and of course the release of Sonic Generations, with Sonic CD to follow later this year.  But luckily for us, it’s not about to end quite yet, as here’s another interesting tidbit Paul spotted the other day- Papercraft! SEGA Japan’s website still has links where you can download Tails’ plane and a little play set of Green Hill Zone. These are quite possibly collectable items, and I suggest you folks download the PDF’s before they disappear forever. These amazing Papercraft designs are located here:


And to end Monday’s post on an audible note, this week’s chiptune is “Autumn” from Adelaide’s little-scale and Japan’s Coova. The two collaborated and made a kick-ass E.P entitled “Two Warriors“. This track reminds me a lot of brooding electronic music I used to hear at dark electronic events at alternative clubs. Folks, this is an awesome EP and you really shouldn’t hesitate, just grab it!


Speaking of little-scale and duo projects, Seb has teamed up with Queensland’s Dot.AY for a new release (out November 25th) entitled “Loom”. Personally, I’m already excited from what I hear on this promo video!  Enjoy!

Happy Monday Folks! :)




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