Saturday mornings were a traditional and very memorable time of our childhood, spent mostly watching cartoons or playing video games you hired from the store the night before, or both!  And perhaps they still are! ;)

Well fellow retro-gamers, there’s a games company called Mighty Rabbit who are working on what looks like one shmicko looking tribute not only to classic video games, but classic 80’s TV shows as well. From early next year, “Saturday Morning RPG” will be released episodically on both iOS and Android. The game itself will include many original characters which resemble plenty of well-knowns from the cartoons we all grew up with. For now, enjoy the teaser trailer above.



Looks like Nintendo have been busier than usual, especially on the promotional front. To prepare for the upcoming release of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS, they have joined forces with West Coast Customs (a company that makes customised go-karts) to bring some Mario Kart uh, Karts into real life!  They were on display at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, and must be a good thing, since The Reginator approves, and I must say it’s a big approval from me too!  I just hope they offer importing…    :)

More photos and videos can be found at



Good Old Games are on a roll lately, pumping out classic after classic in a delicious DRM-Free format. Last week it was Lands of Lore 1 & 2, and just this weekend they released Populous 2. Many would argue that the Populous series was what pushed strategy on PC’s to how it is today. Others would perhaps disagree, and vote that Civilisation was the more influential. Either way, both fantastic titles are worth checking out.


And finally, Gary Garcia, who was co-creator of the classic 80’s song Pac-Man Fever, has passed away over the weekend. If you wish to pay tributes, you can do so at

This brings me to ask you all, what other songs have been made which are dedicated to video games?  Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter with other titles that you may recall.

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