This has been hard to keep a secret for a while now but the cat is finally out of the bag fellow classic gamers. Retrospekt (in conjunction with crews from PAX, Retro Domination, Australian Retro Gamer and Retro Gaming Australia) will be co-hosting the Classic Console Museum at PAX Australia 2013!




Late yesterday afternoon, if you follow any of the sites mentioned above on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll find that a poster has been put up for you all to guess what the consoles are. What you see at the top of the page is what will be at the Museum with games and peripherals for you all to play! There might even be a 10 player Bomberman stint going on the SEGA Saturn ;)

Penny Arcade Expo (or PAX for short) has become the largest video games convention in the United States which hosts a plethora of things to see, do and play. Originated from the US in 2004, PAX has since been growing in attendance from 3,300 reaching to numbers close to 70,000. Now I did say that there’s heaps to see, do and play and I’m not kidding!

There will be keynotes, panels, an exhibit hall which will showcase up and coming games from major developers (both mainstream and independent), a handheld lounge where you can simply chill out on a beanbag with your favourite handheld, much more traditional gaming with the tabletop gaming section as well as a PC LAN area and then there’s the Omegathon. What is that you might ask? here’s the blurb from PAX Australia’s website:

The bracket style tournament comprised of randomly selected preregistrants takes place across the three days of PAX. Each of the games played are publicly announced weeks before the show, but the secret final round is always a surprise. Will it be an unreleased, never-before-seen title? How about a game you

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haven’t thought about since the 80s? What about a giant claw machine? Perhaps a combination of them all? You never know with the Omegathon, but if you attend all the elimination rounds throughout the weekend and the final round on Sunday, you’ll see history be made!

PAX Australia will be at the Melbourne Showgrounds on July 19th till the 21st. The 3-day passes are completely sold out, as are the tickets for Saturday. So if you haven’t gotten tickets yet, you can still get them for Friday and Sunday, otherwise, if you want to get yourself involved with the gaming community, then perhaps consider registering as an Enforcer (volunteer) and get involved with the community.

We look forward to seeing you all at PAX Australia 2013!

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