To many (myself included), the Game & Watch was a definite gateway to gaming. My first gaming experience was on a Donkey Kong dual-screen,  but I don’t remember it being this big…

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who still rocks out the Game & Watch games! Spotted on house4hack, this wall mount is located at the reception area at the 21tanks company. This is a very cool idea from an innovative ideas company, and uses games from the site which hosts many classic LCD games which are flash-based.



Those familiar with the classic educational computer game “The Oregon Trail” will be glad to see that Gameloft is giving it away for free on the App Store (Link) for a couple of days.


Now this little gem would suit any pac-man collector or anyone sprucing up the decor in their gaming room! Etsy has for sale a Pac-Man rope light. Simple design, yet effective enough to show that your room is built for serious gaming!













North Korea is an interesting place (depends on how you look at it), would you believe that there’s a video arcade there too? UK Resistance has scored photos from an undisclosed individual, who took photos of some of the games available inside this video arcade (located in Pyongyang). More photos on the source website.

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