Before Good Game, before Attack of the Show, before GameCenter CX there was a video game show on national television in Australia called The Zone. The video above is a recording taken at PAX Australia 2013 featuring screening of 3 episodes of The Zone including a Q&A session with one of the folks who were on the show; Richard ‘Bev’ Parnell. Bev delves in to a lot of what was happening during, before and after The Zone, the rise of gaming communities and the future of where gaming history should go.

So sit back, relax and enjoy taking a trip through the 90s. Special thanks to Bev for being involved with the Q&A, props to Paul Monopoli for presenting the session at PAX Australia 2013, Peter Biu from Retro Domination for recording the session and very special thanks to the PAX organisers for letting us present this session for gamers in Australia.

Be sure to also check out Paul’s article about The Zone as well as an interview with Justin ‘Muttlee’ Mansour who was also on the show!

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