Hybrid World Adelaide 2017 (HWA) will be held for the first time from Wednesday October 4 – Sunday October 8 2017 at the Tonsley Innovation District south of Adelaide. But what is HWA? Is a convention? A conference? An educational experience? An expo?

The answer to all the above is yes…and more. In HWA’s own words…

Hybrid World Adelaide is a digital playground for all ages and expertise. HWA is an exciting new technology festival and a first for South Australia. Across five days, a myriad of public activitiesa conference and a development lab for new projects and inventions, explore the many ways the real and digital worlds are intertwined.

If you’re still perplexed, that’s possibly because HWA is the most ambitious and wide-reaching technology and innovation event to be held in South Australia, and possibly the country. The far-reaching aspects of this event are aimed at young and old, the public and technology sector experts alike. To be clear, HWA includes three main arms (each with a myriad of activities):

Fat Controller & Futuresounds Hack the HWA Main Stage

If you’re reading this we suspect you’ll be interested in our interactive retro gaming museum. So, what to expect? For HWA we’ll have the largest retro gaming collection at an event ever seen in South Australia. With over thirty consoles and computers organised chronologically, visitors will go on a journey from the 1970s through to the modern era. Following the path through the museum you can experience the delights of Pong, Atari 2600, through to all the Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft consoles between then and now. In between those machines you know well, expect to see some you’ve heard of but never played before…and beyond that even more surprised. Prepare to be equal parts educated and entertained. And, of course, there will be daily high score and knock out tournaments. Check out these photos from AVCon 2017 for just a taste of what to expect.

Hybrid World Adelaide promises to be a technological wonderland the like of Adelaide has never seen before. From the past to the present, and of course the future, expect to be entertained, challenged, educated, and enthralled. You can download the public program here, and of course do say hello to the Retrospekt crew during your travels through the event.

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