Love your Mega Drive, but feel angst about its finite games library? Mega Cat Studios are looking to cure your ills with their Kickstarter for Phantom Gear.

Phantom Gear

Inspired by retro platformers, Phantom Gear will bring modern platforming gameplay to Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. “We’re blast processing our way to something special here, and I couldn’t be more excited for people to play Phantom Gear “, says Zack Manko, Lead Cat at Mega Cat Studios. “Playing it, is like the first time you put your hands on classics such as Ristar or Dynamite Heady”.

The crowdfunding campaign is to cover the cost of developing Phantom Gear for the two retro systems , manufacturing physical cartridges, and producing the box and manual. It is currently live on Kickstarter, and has raised over $23,000 with a $35,502 goal and three weeks still to go.

Is your interest piqued? You can find the Phantom Gear crowdfunding campaign at

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