The AVCon anime, video game, and pop culture convention has hit Adelaide again for another year this past weekend, and that means (as always) we held another successful Retrospekt Retro Gaming Museum. If you happened to attend the convention and popped past our area, we hope you enjoyed playing some great retro games on the many consoles and computers we had set-up. We’ll have a recap with photos and videos very soon. Until then, we have a little something special for you to check out – a brand new Nintendo Game Boy game featuring the Retrospekt Retro Gaming Museum at AVCon!

Click image to play the game

The Retrospekt Retro Gaming Museum: The Game – AVCon 2019 Version is a recreation of not only the AVCon convention, but also a kind of simulation of the Retrospekt Retro Gaming Museum. It’s a nice way to experience the fun of AVCon and our retro gaming area, especially if you were unable to attend on the weekend.

Made with GB Studio, a recently released Game Boy game creation tool, it’s not only available to play online right now on PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile (with included Game Boy style touch screen button controls), but if you download the Game Boy ROM file you can play it on an emulator or on an actual Game Boy (if you have an appropriate flash cartridge). Click the game images below to see the retro gaming action full-sized.

All the consoles and computers you can find at our events are in the game. Unfortunately there’s no music included in this version, but that’s a planned feature to add in the very near future. There’s still plenty to do though, many people to speak to and lots of lil things to experience. Oh, there’s even a final boss to beat…

It’s still a little early, with some misspelled words and glitches to be ironed out, as well as more features, graphics and characters to be added on the coming days. If you come across any bugs please let us know if you get a chance.

Anyway we hope you enjoyed the weekend and you have fun playing!

Game link:


  • Up – Up Arrow / W
  • Down – Down Arrow / S
  • Left – Left Arrow / A
  • Right – Right Arrow / D
  • A -Z / J
  • B – K / X
  • Start – Enter
  • Select – Shift
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