Retrospekt Review : Pitfall vs Tom Boy (Atari 2600)

I will cover Tom Boy first as that is the game we first acquired. I remember getting this game at some point when I was 8 or 9. We got Tom Boy and The Year 1999 (what a laughable name for a game given its 2010 - I’ll have to review that one in the future) together. Tom Boy was supposed to be my sister’s and The Year 1999 mine although we shared everything with the Atari anyway.

Retrospekt Review: Super Mario Bros. (Movie)

In 1993 a movie came out. Not such a big deadly, I mean a lot of movies come out in a year. That is true, however once in a while, a movie comes out and changed the game. A movie with such mind-blowing special effect, fantastic acting and brilliant plot and characterisation, all of humanity “awwwww’s” at its awe. Super Mario Bros is not one of these movies.

Retrospekt Review: Prince of Persia Retro (iPhone/iPad)

The 90’s era of gaming, my favourite era of gaming, it was the era where games would come out on more than 4 platforms, to the range of over 10 or so at one time. Perfect example was Prince of Persia. I mean this title first came out on the Apple II then Mac OS, DOS, NES, SNES, GameBoy, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-CD, Master System/Game Gear, and the Mega Drive/Mega CD. Nowadays if a game is released for cross-platforms, what do we have at the moment: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, Wii, DS, PC, Mac, iPhone. That is it really.

Retrospekt Review: Section Z (NES)

Every week my girlfriend and I go food shopping at a nearby shopping centre. Within the complex is a Gametraders and each week I look for bargains to review. This week I came across a NES game called Section Z. Even though I didn’t really recognise the game, for some reason something in the back of my mind tweaked over the cover art and title. This feeling of nostalgia for something familiar from my past compelled me to buy the game

Retrospekt Review: Running Battle (SEGA Master System)

The SEGA Master System 2 was the first home console I’ve had. It was a new experience in gaming for me as I was used to the arcades and Game & Watch games prior. I still don’t remember why we went for the Master System over the NES at the time. Might be the cost factor, as I did enjoy the games on the NES at the department stores when trying out which home console to go for. Although one thing about the Master System, was even though it had a large library of games, a lot of them were quite bad. This is one of the worst. Enter Running Battle.

Retrospekt Review: Game Room (XBox Live Arcade/Windows)

The good old arcades, the first mainstream exposure to video games for me. Back in 1984, of course at 3-4 years of age anything that is loud and noisy in a confined space would excite me. This is the period, that home consoles would come and go, but arcades always stuck around, but not for long. Sadly the home console invaded the arcade market and the video arcades that we know and love (where the games aren’t just controlled with steering wheels dance mats and plastic rifles), are dead.

Retrospekt Review: Interstate ’76 (Windows 95)

Oh yes, A lot of people that know me, tend to forget that I was once deeply involved in what I consider to be the dark ages of my gaming journey. The PC-gaming era.. It wasn’t all bad, it started great with the DOS/Windows 3.1 era where I didn’t have to worry about performance of games or anything, as I was still getting used to the simple factor of console gaming (I sold my SNES to put towards a 486 DX4 100Mhz with 8MB RAM, a 1MB video card and 540MB storage 1995), all I had to worry about was fuffing around with autoexec.bat and config.sys.

Retrospekt Review: Earthworm Jim (iPhone)

One Sunday morning back in 1995 on the way to my local Blockbuster Video store.. I went to hire a game for the SNES, had to be something different, something quirky, something to make me laugh. Lo and behold I snagged Earthworm Jim. YOINK! This is one of those games which made you feel proud to have a SNES at the time, during the 16-bit Console Wars.

Retrospekt Review: Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

So time has evolved, moved interstate, more consoles and games have come and gone in my life over the years. I luckily went down the path of the SNES during the 16bit console wars, and that was the greatest era of gaming for me. This was the era of gaming where it was still cool to go to the video arcades and play games there frequently and then coming home to play them more.