So after sorting my post-work humdrum activity, I finally made it to La Boheme! Situated in the heart of Adelaide, this cosy cocktail lounge is a perfect environment to kick back, sip exotic cocktails and enjoy the music at the time. The venue covers a vast range of music, but tonight, the case is chiptunes, 8bit and music from video games we’ve all grown up with and loved all these years! I took advantage of the Happy Hour which is on 6:00-7:00 Wednesday-Sunday nights where you get two cocktails in the specific range for the price of one. After that I had to try their themed cocktails of the night (sadly I can’t remember what was in them);




Left: Mario’s Yoshi Ride
Right:  The Mothership

At every Ultracade, DJ Tr!p offers us all his kick-ass album, as well as some awesome badges for extra geek cred. I’m up a fair few points after tonight.


So the theme as you see, is a fighting special. Many classic titles covered this time round.



I’ll probably get shunned for this, but I’m not an overly huge fan of the Street Fighter series. When it comes to fighting games, it’s Mortal Kombat (MK2 to be exact), or any of the Samurai Showdown series. All in all it was a fantastic night, lots of drinks, passionate conversations with strangers, and finally another great excuse to go out on a weeknight in Adelaide!

Already looking forward to the next Ultracade!! When will that be? Watch this space folks!

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