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Only in Canada aye? Not often do you get to see businesses use video game characters as their logos or advertising pitches.

Well, it’s finally here! Secret of Mana is now available on the iPhone. First impressions that we can give on this game, is that the controls are not as bad as we thought they would be! Graphically keeping to it’s roots, but with slight enhancements (with illustrations of the characters at menu screens) otherwise everything else is like the original.

With 70+ hours gameplay (eat that Final Fantasy XIII), and AU$11.99, it will no doubt be a worthy game to get for the portable, especially for long trips/flights.

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With Mario Bros. on the NES being quite a simple game graphically, does it need to get more simpler? Apparently so!

Minimal Mario is a NES ROM converter (so you will need the original Mario Bros. Game and ROM to perform this) of the entire 1st Mario Bros. game done with an Atari 2600 vibe.

Finally, for something quite epic, Rymdreglage, those crazy lads who made that epic video and song “8-Bit Trip” have made yet another stop motion video dedicated to classic gaming, but instead of Lego, it’s done with coins! Amazing!!

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