Today is marked on the calendar as Australia Day. Kind of like Independence Day in the US. It’s a pretty big deal down here! One thing that a lot of Australians tend to forget or not even realise, that there are some amazing game developers here from since the big bang of video games. Some that should really stand out, like Beam Software.. What on earth did Beam make you ask? Besides ports of many classic games re-released on consoles like the Smash TV franchise, but there were some original titles made as well! Have you ever played…

Shadowrun on the SNES? Highly acclaimed RPG based on the um Role Playing Game :)

International Cricket on NES and SNES.

Aussie Rules Footy on NES.

and of course Way of the Exploding Fist. There are so many games made which many didn’t realise were made in Australia, so when you do purchase a retro game somewhere somehow, it’s always interesting to see where they were made. You’d be surprised! Alrighty, lets get on with the rest of today’s post folks!

Alright Adelaide peeps, Ultracade Live is back for 2011! The theme this time is.. *deeep breath* STREET FIGHTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! If this night won’t drain the Street Fighter fix out of you, then you need your head checked :P Thursday 10th February, La Boheme, Free Entry! Don’t miss it, especially all you Street Fighter fanatics.. nutcases :P has Dark Reign available at their store. For those that may or may not know.. Dark Reign is another Australian game, which was released in the mid 90’s, which was quite the period where just about every developer was taking a shot at releasing Real Time Strategy games. Many succeeded funnily enough, but many failed as well. This one however was A LOT of fun! Go get!

And finally.. hahaha.. Oh dear.. What you’re seeing here isn’t a glitch in the game screen, but Wolfenstein 3D… We all know that game right? Well have you played Wolfenstein 1D? One D……. yes! Controls are simple, left/right and shoot/open door. 

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