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Lovely, now Pac-Man has invaded Manhattan? What is this world coming to!?!?!? Although JoystickDivision have a list of 5 things that we would have learnt from playing Pac-Man

Hey who would have thought? The 1971 classic (which has spawned many loyal ports throughout the years), The Oregon Trail is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary today! What started as what was meant to be an educational computer game, turned into a cult classic for many gamers for many computers and portable devices (even today!).

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Got an iPad? Or looking at getting one, or perhaps waiting for the next-gen one which is allegedly coming soon? Do you miss having a physical peripheral used for direction or action in a game? Fret not! This device should solve that problem. At least for directional-based games. 

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And finally, well.. This is sad news.. You know Sarien.net? the site which hosts a slew of classic Sierra adventure games online that you can play via browser? Well they’ve closed their doors. They had no choice since they got a Cease & Desist email from Activision. Hopefully that means that Activision are going to re-release these classics on some kind of platform.. Time will tell! The full letter from Activision is still available for viewing on Sarien.net at the time of this post. 

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