Hope you all got a chance to drink in that review I posted yesterday of The Cyber Shinobi on the SEGA Master System. A forgotten sequel to the Master System port of Shinobi, but shouldn’t be ignored for it’s awesome 8-bit soundtrack.


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Yesterday it was Atari’s 39th Birthday. Wow, 39 years that this company has gone, and risen, and gone, and risen again, like a homesick Phoenix! Yes, with the VCS/2600 outselling the 5200 (around 1 million sold), and  7800 (around 3.8 million sold)  combined. They’re back, but as a software company (which seems to be the trend such companies end up as nowadays, hey, it works for SEGA right? Thank them for having Sonic on Nintendo consoles.. That talk would have been just a pipe-dream (or blasphemy, depends how you see it). Oh how could I forget mentioning the Atari home computer as well as the Lynx and Jaguar? They didn’t fair as much on the radar as their opponents, but still were very fascinating devices back in the day. Oh well Atari, thank you for what you provided to the video games industry (even if E.T. and the 2600 port of Pac-Man caused the video games crash of ’83), lots was learnt regardless!

Here’s an interesting reboot on the Android OS. Parashoot is an homage to Paratrooper and Sabotage, where the objective is you have a turret on the ground, and you must shoot down the airborne enemies, be it parachutists coming down to I don’t know, stick potatoes in to the barrel of the gun? Or Helicopters, bomber jets, etc. Android Market link


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It’s been a while since I’ve seen The Shining, but I recall it being a classic thriller from Stanley Kubrick. This is a great mash up poster, which is available on Red Bubble.




Well looky here! BlipFest 2011 in New York came and went with many reporting it to be an absolute success! It’s great to see chiptune events happening more and more, and even more so on the left here. Oooh Tokyo! As soon as we get aline-up official for Tokyo Blipfest, we’ll let you guys know no doubt! In the mean time pop back and forth to http://tokyo.blipfestival.org/

No really, this world needs more Chiptune events, and it’s great that Australia is starting to build up more events, and venues friendly to 8-bit. It was so cute to hear that the artists who performed at the Retrospekt 2.0 launch party early this month, emailed me afterwards craving for more blood venues and events to perform at. And some of these people have never performed at a gig before!

Oh well, fingers crossed and hands in laps everybody! 2011 is still not over yet! ;D











And finally, there was a competition on around SA in several pubs for top scores in Pinball! Here’s the official statement from Simon, owner of AmusementWorx


Hi everyone, 

The Pinball Wizard competition finals have been and gone, played last
weekend at the Hampstead Hotel. We are proud to announce that we have
found, Adelaide’s Pinball Wizard.

This has created some terrific interest and we hope to run another soon.
So enough waffle !!!!!!

The Grand Champion is (LEG) aka Peter Angoura, with the final score
logged at 163,541,390

2nd place was (RJM) aka Rob McCauley, with the final score logged at

Peter has won himself $500.00 big ones and a pinball machine for a week.
What a great score, well done Peter!  Peter is a long time player of
pinball and admits to his misspent youth playing for many hours. Another
great thing has come from this is, Peter is having Rob over to help
share his win, so a Saturday night at Peters, to share BBQ, Pale Ale and
pinball with his new found mate.

Please visit our facebook page— Amusement Worx Australia —  to see
some pics of the Avatar and Rob (RJM) putting down the challenge, please
become a friend while you’re there.

We have only just launched the page so please leave a comment, even
upload anything of interest regarding anything arcade/pinball, or please
send it to me for upload. As you will see, clients have already found

Thank you to all that participated in the competition and all the support we have recieved
we welcome any suggestions for another event.

“So don’t hold back”

A really big thankyou goes to the Spirit group of hotels, and
especially to Corey Armstrong that welcomed the chance to be involved in
this great event.

To all the staff of the hotels that where involved a big thankyou for
your support. Be sure you visit them soon for their warm hospitality and
great meals!

Participating hotels were:

*          The Grand Junction Tavern

*          The Waterloo Hotel (that recently burnt down, we were lucky
to have taken the Avatar out the day before!)

*          The Brighton Hotel

*          The Payneham Tavern

*          The Hampstead Hotel

*          The Hope Inn

so keep an eye on Facebook @  Amusement Worx Australia, where we will
announce our next big competition. also all the going’s on around here ,We never have a dull moment !!!!!!!!!?????????
Stay tuned.



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