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Indeed! And what a sweet piece of art dedicated to one of the most addictive and popular puzzle games of all time. 

Managed to find a SNES console cheap? Either you’re lucky to get the console at such a price, but not always the case for all. Chances otherwise, are that you may have gotten a counterfeit console. This blogpost and following links on that page have great guides on how to tell if your SNES (and games) are legit or not. Thank you Perry for the find! 

Alright this week’s tune of the week isn’t a chiptune so much, but a game tune. The soundtrack to Atari Jaguar’s (one of few better titles) Tempest 2000 has a typical 90’s Techno feel which when combined with the game? Just sits in nicely to the overall experience. IF you can find it on eBay? Then congratulations. 

Following Twitter the other day, we said a big thanks to everyone for following, submitting, and supporting over the years. Little did we realise that we’re not the only retro-gaming website in Australia! If you live in Melbourne, then do yourself a favour and check out Retro Gaming Australia. Some great articles there, and informative finds that people have come across over on the forums as well. Another feature this site has, is a database of over 5000 scores given to games from many australian gaming magazines over the years. 

(Image source: Shacknews)

And finally, from EGM’s Facebook page, there is an interview with the creator of Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey. Hint has been dropped that the remake in HD is in production and will be coming out! Now if only somebody could re-release Heart of Darkness, and we should be set :P

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