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Some time ago a crowd-funded campaign was started (and cancelled shortly afterwards) for a console called the RETRO VGS. The console is based on an Atari Jaguar, including the original shape and design, and features a controller that looks like a hybrid of the Wii U Pro Controller and a ‘SNES controller’.


The campaign failed due to substantial criticism from the gaming community – mainly in regard to the proposed cost – which would place the VGS at approximately AU $600 at the current exchange rate. The Retro Video Game System company have recently announced (and privately showcased) their revised system at the recent New York Toy Fair with a new name, the Coleco Chameleon.


In addition to the prototype reveal of the Chameleon, RetroVGS have announced that their Kickstarter campaign will commence on the 26th of February (USA time). The company also announced their proposed reward tiers for the new campaign on their Facebook page – starting at US $135 for a base unit with a pack-in game, with 1500 consoles allocated for early-bird backing.  The regular minimum tier for one of the consoles will begin at a cost of US $150.

If you’re keen to get a new cartridge-based console which will encourage retro game developers to jump on board, mark the date. For more information about the Coleco Chameleon, visit their Facebook page or retrovgs.com

[Addendum: Because the games that were demonstrated at the New York Toy Fair are designed to use the SNES FPGA core of the final version of the Coleco Chameleon, they used a SNES Jr instead of an actual prototype console. Retro VGS have admitted this and promised that real hardware will be revealed when the Kickstarter is launched. We will see…. – Marcus]

In other news about revised retro game consoles there has also been an announcement from the UK. The ZX Spectrum Vega Plus is a portable revision of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega; a home console that was successfully funded and released late last year. Like the Vega, the Vega Plus will feature over 1000 licensed ZX Spectrum games that are built in, and includes an SD card slot and enough buttons to cater for any Spectrum game.

There are a range of reward tiers for this campaign starting at a minimum of $201.15. Should the Vega Plus campaign succeed, the portable system will be available in September of this year. For more information visit their Indiegogo page.


A compilation called Chronicles of Time has recently been released – a stunning tribute to Chrono Trigger’s epic soundtrack. The compilation features over 80 songs across a variety of genres, features over 200 artists, and is spread across five separate volumes (Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Present and Apocalyptic Future).

Depending upon the method of purchase this album, you also get 50 pieces of artwork from 16 different artists. The best part of purchasing the album is that all proceeds will go to a charity organisation, Doctors Without Borders. This is unarguably a must for fans of Chrono Trigger, and the money goes to a good cause.

Head on over to chroniclesoftime.net to purchase a copy. The album is also available on Apple Music and Spotify.


Finally, news from NECA and a new series of figures dedicated to the NES era. NECA have made various figures based on characters from games on the NES that are specifically detailed with the same colour palette – among the more memorable are Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) and Robocop.  NECA’s latest creation pays tribute to Bill & Lance, the characters from Contra, better known as Probotector when it was originally released in 1990 in PAL regions.

The pack will be released with the two figures standing at around 17 cm tall and featuring pixelated decals representing their origins. The pack also includes various weapons and power-ups from the game. Check out more photos over at necaonline.com.

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