We hope you got a chance to check out an in-depth unboxing of one of the rarest and lesser known consoles ever created by Apple and Bandai.. That’s right.. Apple.. Cheers for the write up Paul :) 

(Source: Lulinternet)

Oh wait, it says it in the bottom left corner of the animated gif.. Oh well, poor Sonic having to wait for a bus.. Such an impatient little so and so. And funnily enough that is a bus stop from somewhere here in South Australia! If anyone can tell us what that one us, please let us know :) 

Speaking of SEGA.. If you have a Steam account (and Windows) then you’d probably either already got, or just about to grab the 4th SEGA Mega Drive Collection pack. Also 1-3 are available on Steam as well. 

Hands up here who has a Windows Phone 7 device? Come on, the crickets aren’t churping, at least some of you do.. Well lo and behold, a Game Boy Emulator is on it’s way to the device. The video above demonstrates it’s capabilities. 

Finally, in the light of events the other day from Sarien.net.. It seems that they’ve opened doors again with authorisation from Activision! For those who don’t know, Sarien.net hosted a slew of classic Sierra adventures online, to be playable on (just about) any device which has a browser which supports Java and/or HTML5. So classics like Police Quest or Leisure Suit Larry are do-able on the iPad on the go (where a net connection is available). So keep checking that site, and of course this site for updates on that! 

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