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Hilarious, not sure where that was taken, but they aren’t being too safe without helmets are they? Remember to wear a helmet when on a bike, or in this case a go-kart. Safety is important, especially against traffic, or blue turtles.. And we all know how much we loooove those things, right?


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If you’re in France from June 7th till 2nd July, then you should check out La Générale, which will host the INVADER 1000 art project. The traffic lights above are to symbolise the 1000th Space Invaders mosiac placed around the city of Paris. Furthermore, be sure to check out the project of placing Space Invaders pixels all over the major cities of the world.


Toucharcade got word from Retro-rebooters Manomio Inc (who ported Flashback and of course the C64 Emulator to the iOS platform), that they’re working on adding support to the iCade device (for those of you who don’t know what the iCade is, it’s a small arcade cabinet suited to sit on a desk top, where you slide an iPad in to play classic video games. What’s even cooler, is that they were demonstrating their up and coming iAmiga emulator on the iCade, as you will see the video above.


Need to find a cute gift for someone who loves crafts as well as video games? Etsy shop owner NerdJerk has a barrage of gorgeous little hand-stitched game characters, like the one above, a Bob-Omb, Pikmin characters, etc.


And finally, this week’s chiptune goes to Trash 80, in particular the tune Ava. Beautiful piece which I’m sure you will agree with. I personally fall weak to this tune every time I hear it. Go on and download that one and the rest at

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