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This seems to be a growing trend with video games nowadays isn’t it? Not sure what game it’s meant to be aiming this at, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something upcoming on a current-gen console.. Here’s hoping it won’t be a growing trend for too long, as this really does cripple sales and overall gaming experiences for us all.


Interesting looking title here. This is the debut trailer for Wizorb, an up and coming retro-inspired Breakout/Arkanoid game to PC and Xbox Live Arcade. Seeing the credits of people who was involved with making this game, doesn’t surprise me after all, as it’s people from the crew responsible for the Scott Pilgrim VS The World game on PS3 and Xbox360, including animator/artist Paul Robertson. Looking forward to this!


Whilst on the subject of Retro-inspired Indie games, if you haven’t yet, check out Super Crate Box. Very simple yet very addictive title, and is available for FREE for Mac OS X and Windows!

Alrighty, back to an original title, we have here Dragon’s Lair 2 now available for the iOS. You’ll never guess the plot to the sequel where you have to rescue the damsel in distress.. Yep, exactly that once again. To be fair however, it’s meant to be a simple game with gorgeous cartoon animation and a basic control system. App Store Link

And finally, Two Aussie musicians have re-created many game tunes to guitar, and the end result is so accurate! Check out the interview with them on ABC TV’s Good Game! Mike and Lachlan (from Progressive Rock band Toehider) have even had their covers used in Angry Video Game Nerd episodes! You can also buy the album HERE!

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