┬áSo last night, I’ve had a good thrashing of what’s on the Playstation Store (not a Plus member yet), but I’ve come across some absolute classics on there. Yes okay, I’m a noob when it comes to ps3 stuff, I’m still intrigued on the classics which are on there, like Syndicate Wars, Destruction Derby, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, the list goes on! I hope to review the remake of Lemmings when I get a chance to. Looks promising!



Source: Deviant Art user Kleaie

Oh I see what was done there, clever :D Browser vs Bowser.. Oh whatever other puns you may have or “Dad” jokes for Web Browsers and infamous video game characters. Very cool shirt design if I say so myself!


I came across this the other day whilst looking for a book to read on the iPad, so this book (App Store Link) delves into the history of a slew of more mainstream video game consoles throughout history. I grabbed the sample to see what it’s like, you get Atari 2600 and Intellivision so far. Great reference to have on the go :) At the time of posting this, it’s available for purchase for AU$9.99


Source: Reddit

What a superb social experiment! So some Redditor hung a Mario coin box outside at a university, and watched people try to jump up and hit it like you would to open a coin box up. More hilarious photos here. This is such a great idea, should be done around town and campuses across the state! :D


GOG.com has announced the release of Wing Commander 1 & 2 for download/purchase. If you don’t know what Wing Commander is, well.. It’s an epic space flight simulator. Has spanned across several sequels, including the infamous Wing Commander 3 on the PC and 3DO console. It starred well-known actors like Mark Hamill, John Rhys Davies, and Malcom McDowell. $5.99 for both Wing Commander 1 and 2.


Source: Toucharcade

And finally, well, this is a really bloomin’ awesome announcement from DotEmu. Like Good Ol’ Games, they re-release classic games to play on PC’s as well as iOS. They have announced that in September, for both iPhone and iPad, we will see on the App Store, the release of Jaleco’s infamous underdog puzzle platformer Rod Land. Simple concept, very identical to the likes of Snow Bros, Bubble Bobble, and Chip Chan Kick. Your mother gets kidnapped by some evil monsters, and you (the child) have to proceed up the tower defeating enemies along the way. The way you attack them, is with a rod which slams the enemies back and forth. I remember playing this on a mate’s Amiga back in the day, and I was hooked.. funnily enough, it almost convinced me to get an Amiga just because of that. As I said, Rodland should be out sometime in September.

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