Yet another gorgeous item for any classic gamer who likes to rug up! Considering the weather that we’re having lately, at least here in Adelaide. If you’re interested in purchasing this, then head on to the Etsy page.



Alright you iOS device owners, I know many of you do dig the cool work of James Rolfe. You know, that guy that runs Cinemassacre, or more infamous of his projects: Angry Video Game Nerd. Well you can grab the official Cinemassacre app on the App Store. From there you can access every video Cinemassacre made. Handy to have on the go :)

So back in 2008, Taito made this here short music video for their Taito Game Stations right across Japan. Now you might ask, what on earth is a Taito Game Station? Well comrades, they’re a chain of Video Arcades in Japan.


Checking the site the other day looking for updates on upcoming Virtual Console games, I didn’t get any new info there, however I did manage to find thatStarfox 64 3D is a coming to the 3DS later this year, as in 9th September. Excited? Or Ho-humming about another re-release on the 3DS? Either way, it’s hopefully going to cause a enough excitement to see a NEW game from this IP.

And finally, heres what I call a badass looking video games bar. This one is called Insert Coin(s), and is located in Las Vegas. It’s got a huuuuuuge bar, dancefloor, loads of modern consoles, old-school video arcade cabs, pinballs, big-ass displays for VJ’ing, and much more! A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth, uh.. well definitely more than that! For more information on the venue visit

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