How much do you folks like Space Invaders?



Well here is a pretty cool concept which hopefully, will be able to be purchased as a desktop ornament. Space Invaders captured in glass containers; like something from a mad scientist’s lab! concept art is by Rafael Drummond.

Here’s some recent news surrounding R-Type. First off, DotEmu’s release of R-Type is now the number 1 selling game on the Amazon App Store for Android. No surprises there!

Secondly, SEGA has dropped a heads-up to gamers to get in quick to grab the Master System version of R-Type from the Wii Virtual Console before they remove it from the service on the 30th September. A decent 8-bit port of the game if I don’t say so myself!


The above Virtual Boy music video is the one that Keith Apicary did in collaboration with 8-bit extraordinaire FantomenK. They’ve made another hilarious music video about Keith’s love for the Neo Geo, or so it seems. Funny candid stunts to follow in the vid…


Now, here’s a cool looking game heavily inspired by classic vector-heavy games from the late 70‘s/early 80’s. Space Junk, (which is available for iPad and iPhone) has been created by veteran developers who have had heavy involvement with numerous infamous titles: SWIV, Rodland, Forsaken, Silkworm, porting NARC to Amiga and Atari ST, and Alien Trilogy, just to name a few . A simple mindless space shooter with some funky looking graphics and a slew of levels, Space Junk looks like good value fun! (App Store Link/Universal)

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