Yesterday I posted up my review for the 80’s comedy Joysticks, about a bunch of misfits working in a Video Arcade. I MIGHT bring this film to parties, so watch out! :P So lets get on with today’s post.. Somebody’s got a special day today….



Image Source: ClassicGamingWallpapers

Yes friends, today marks Sonic’s 20th Birthday. That’s right, the little blue guy first appeared on the SEGA Mega Drive in 1991, Master System and Game Gear (in October and December of the same year). As many would agree, Sonic games started in an epic way, then kind of died down after Sonic CD didn’t it? I remember getting a copy of Sonic 1 for the Master System for my 11th Birthday. Quite an exciting day :D But yeah, after that I got a SNES (so no Mega Drive for me), and then a PC, then back to consoles with the Xbox (Sonic Heroes wasn’t toooo blooming bad) and so forth.. Hell I even bought Sonic & The Secret Rings, and shouldn’t have.. Nevertheless, Sonic? Happy birthday! I’ll ensure that I procure a chilli dog to pay homage to a great video games character, definitely up there in my top 10 (even if I didn’t have a Mega Drive)!

Gametraders stores (for all you overseas retrogamers, they’re a huge Australian chain of stores that not only deal with current-gen stuff, but their stores stock retro game consoles and games) right around the country are having 20% off selected stock of Pre-Played games, and yes that includes the retro stuff as well, naturally.

Oh and this sale is on TODAY ONLY!


You know who Keith Apicary is right? Only the biggest SEGA & SNK gamer in the world! Well, he’s got a show on YouTube (has had for a while now), covers his ventures and rants from a perspective of a hardcore classic-gamer, a big fan of the Virtual Boy, and is also quite the hooligan at E3 expos, hassling folk about the Dreamcast 2. Very funny stuff!


This morning, I snagged this one for the Kindle (app). It’s not a game, it’s a book, you know? Books! great inventions! Hopefully they will be around forever as well. Many people love books, many burned and hated books.. THIS one however, I think nobody will want to burn, as it delves in to the history of Classic Graphic Adventure games, and reviews over 250 of the créme of the crøp. Graphic Adventure games that you may know, like Police Quest, Phantasmagoria, Sam & Max: Hit the Road (not the new serial), Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion, ohhh the list goes on! Get the book! (or preview it).


Acidcow has some pretty funny photo or video collections, but there’s an occasional collection worth labelling as a giggle-groaner. They’re the ones you laugh a bit, and then groan. This collection of some comical Mortal Kombat animated GIFs will no doubt entertain, but for how long? Well.. my estimate is no more than 55 seconds.


And finally, how many of you have watched or are still watching Game of Thrones? Absolutely! Well, this bloke did an 8-bit inspired cover to the theme song. I had to look twice at the thumbnail before I fumbled to open a new tab and bugger on off to eBay to find a copy of the game.. No there isn’t one.

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