One thing there is just not enough of in this world is game-themed street art. By this I mean there are places and situations where this kind of art can be easily applied. For example a tiled surface that you walk upon daily to or from work.



And it just so happens that I have found this series of tiled painting of pixels from Galaga by Flickr user sonnyboy73. I’m not exactly sure if it’s a small-scale tile design or done on an actual floor somewhere. Either way, it’s pretty darn cool.


When it comes to console-modding, Ben Heck is a name we are hearing more and more. Recently, someone has posted up photos of a wooden SEGA Saturn “laptop” modification on the forums of his website. An interesting choice of logo is used on the lid, but nevertheless, it’s a freaking SEGA Saturn made out of wood! :D

A while back I mentioned that Dan Fornace was working on a tribute demake of the Super Smash Bros franchise called Super Smash Land for Windows. It depicts what Smash Bros. would be like if it were made for the Game Boy. Well good news friends, it is finally released! Free download available on


Finally, Etsy store owner CrarazyOwl has the line piece from Tetris as a fleece pillow now available for purchase. This is perfect for those of you who do actually live, eat, breathe (and I guess sleep) Tetris. I should add that there are plenty more cushions and pillows available, including a square piece.

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