I know it may be a bit too early to think about heading back to school…




but this Mario Bros.: Koopa Shell Plush and Backpack would be perfect for kids right? The green Koopa shell is all soft n plushy as well.  Just make sure nobody stomps on you.

Available at Amazon.com


Interesting to see that Sonic Advance has appeared on the Android Marketplace in Japan. Sonic Advance was, of course, on the Game Boy Advance. Many thought that it was one of the first SEGA Games to appear on a Nintendo console, however it wasn’t. The port of ChuChu Rocket from the Dreamcast was. Regardless, Sonic Advance is available now!

(Android Marketplace link)

I’m sure if plenty of you had the opportunity to go to the Opera you might consider it?  (And no, I’m not referring to the browser)  If you do happen to have even the slightest interest, then you might enjoy this video combining Super Mario Bros. and Opera I came across at jonandal.com. Intertwines quite nicely doesn’t it?


You would have seen the Angry Video Game Nerd Two-part Special on the Action 52 cartridge on the NES and Mega Drive, as well as Cheetahmen Part 2. Well recently, Active Enterprises have uncovered over a thousand re-produced copies of Cheetahmen! But wait, it doesn’t end there!  There are hints of iCheetah on the website as well, meaning that Cheetahmen will be coming to the iOS too. If you are keen to get a prod cartridge (or a limited edition with a shirt and other bits and pieces) You can grab it at Cheetahmengames.com.

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