I hope you guys had a chance to absorb my report on what is one of the coolest places to go in Melbourne for anyone that is into 8-bit/Chiptune music.



Seriously, I’m still buzzing from that weekend! I can’t wait for future events like this, not only in Melbourne, but around the rest of the country! Next one I do believe is the AVCon Games Night.

Well my friends, not only is there going to be game tournaments and free play, but there will also be a plethora of entertainment throughout the evening! Live performances from Xandox and Little-Scale. As well as that, I’ll be accompanying them with DJ’ing 8-bit/retro game tunes as DJ DK81. Oh yeah, I DJ too! HAH! I almost forgot to mention that it is a 15+ event, and it is licensed!!!!!

$5.00 for public entry (if you don’t have a ticket to AVCon that is), but you should really get a ticket to AVCon, because not only do you get in to the games night for FREE, you also get to check out a lot of amazing things at the convention, don’t take my word for it, check out www.avcon.org.au for more details, there will be something for everybody!

Okay, what? Another awesome thing to do with gaming, and it’s in Australia? Yuhhhhhhhhp! Melbourne has got their own Mana Bar, over in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy to be exact, and Big Pond Games have an exclusive video Yug giving the sneak peak tour of the Melbourne’s Mana Bar opening this Saturday at midday. Off the record, if you’re into books, I suggest you check out PolyEster Books, on the same side that Mana Bar will be on, and not far at all!


Regardless of whatever event it will be, there will need to be these! This Etsy shop owner have these amazing quality Pac-Man ghost coffee tables for sale! I would for myself, but I’m TRYING to get rid of my coffee table because it’s too big.. So maybe this might be the answer!

And finally, wow, this is dark, yet I couldn’t help but laugh. Eric Power is a filmmaker/animator who specialises in paper animations. The one above is a brilliant short about Mario, and.. well if you’re like me, with a dark sense of humor? You’ll definitely get a kick out of this animation :D

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