Over the weekend of the 8th of July, I flew to Melbourne for a gig at the La Di Da bar, on the corner of King and Little Bourke Streets. This gig was the 9th SoundBytes event, and is on every 3 months. The event consists of live acts performing 8-bit/chiptune, glitch and other experimental music, many acts are local as in Victorian, and many from interstate. This particular event showcases Sydney’s electronic music. After the positive feedback we got from our launch party for the new website back in early June, (people loved the live 8-bit acts) I simply had to check out what was happening in Melbourne’s 8-bit music scene!

With the exception of SoundBytes, I found the overall interest in Retro-gaming culture lacking in Melbourne*, very much so in comparison to how things are here in Adelaide. Perhaps that will change with Mana Bar’s opening in Fitzroy? One can hope.

Anyway, I got to the bar with my friend who lives in Melbourne (and took all of the shots you see in this article), and by the time I got to the door, through the crowd and towards the bar at the back, the atmosphere was amazing! So many people in good spirits considering how frickin’ cold it was that night!  I could tell this by the many avid gamers pounding the brews and pumped for a raging evening of 8-bit extravaganza from the following acts, with the exception of Vicious Cyclist (SYD): (sorry no pics as we got there too late! Was hard to find my way around in the big city) :(

Maddest Kings Alive (MEL)



Pselodux (MEL)



















godinpants (SYD)



Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families, aka 10K (SYD)



and Bankai (MEL) VS Abortifacient (SYD)




Put simply, I had a really fantastic time! The artists were enthusiastic and I could tell they were having a great time! The audience was fantastic, and the service at the bar was phenomenally good! Guys, this is THE pinnacle of Chiptune music events for Melbourne.

Definitely one to put on the list of events to check out when you’re next in Melbourne. Again, keep track of what’s happening for up and coming events on http://dpadproductions.blogspot.com/ and their Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/SoundBytesOz. The organisers are so chilled and extremely supportive, and show that they’re passionate about what they’re doing!


To sum up SoundBytes in 3 letters? FTW! Seriously, you’ll have a great time! Special thanks goes to Christy for taking photos for me, as my phone’s camera just doesn’t cut the mustard. For more photos from the event, head on over to the album page on Facebook.

*I’d love to be corrected on my statement earlier on. So if anyone lives in Melbourne, is an avid Retro-gamer and collects the old gear, please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you! :D

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