It’s good to see people wearing comical or stylish T-shirts, showing their dedication to video games. As long as the shirts are clever. This one below is a great example;




You can grab it here at Redbubble. Definitely a shirt that makes you look twice! :D


I mentioned of a possible announcement from Comic-Con over the weekend about an up and coming reboot to a reboot of a classic 1st person shooter that came out on the N64. Well friends, it’s happening this time! Here’s the trailer! Whether it’s a remake of the Nintendo 64 one, or a remake to the one on the Wii, time will tell!


Source: Reddit

Speaking of the Nintendo 64, here’s one sitting at a McDonalds kiosk somewhere in the U.S. Either it’s still popular in that area, or they really must have forgotten. Either way..


Finally, art has been painted on many obscure places through history, but often on a games console? Well, here’s an artist who paints insane, yet vibrant artwork on old-school consoles and controllers. I’m personally very fond of the Neo-Geo AES. For more of them, head on over to the Flickr page.

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