As many of you know, we were at AVCon 2011 this year. Adelaide’s yearly Anime & Video Games Convention. The two panels we ran (Saturday’s one being the SNES vs Mega Drive, and Sunday’s panel covering well-known classic anime in retro games. On top of that, we hosted this year’s Ultimate Gamer on Sunday morning, where someone got to walk away with a Nintendo 3DS for first prize and a Wii for second prize, and I was DJ’ing in-between the live acts at Games Night on Saturday night.


Oh and best of all folks, the panels have been recorded! Expect us to hark on about links and where you can download them soon! Also if anyone here, Overall we had loads of fun presenting panels, DJ’ing, and hosting game tournaments for this year, so it’s time for us to hit the “Think-Tank” to conjure up ideas for future conventions :D I’d like to thank the entire AVCON team (including the volunteers) for helping us be a part of this amazing event every year, Gametraders (and Gametraders Marion) for their support and prizes for the panels, Shin Tokyo for the prizes, the participants at our panels, and everyone really who supports what we do on and off the web. Thank You! :) This had to be the most successful AVCon yet, especially with over 14,000 attendees for 2011. Bravo!!!


Here at Retrospekt, we always encourage people to collect the good stuff, the old-school stuff. Not that this is a starter kit or anything, but would anyone here be interested in scoring an almost entire NTSC NES collection is worth $75,000 on eBay? Amazing that someone wants to sell it really. Well nevertheless, it’s there, and make the seller an offer! I won’t!


The other day I posted up what I thought was a cool “8-bit” cover of the theme song to the hit show Game of Thrones. I was wrong.. THIS one is, and not only for the tune, but the video accompanying it. It’s not a real game, but more a concept. It’s really spun out that people put such exuberant effort in to these things, so.. hell.. why not.. this is Chiptune of the week!


Source: Krop

Finally, is this not the cutest console mod you’ve ever seen? Joseph Drust creates these adorable little steampunk critters, but the one that stood out for me, was this one with a tiny screen for a head, and a working “NES” with wireless controllers. Beauuuutiful!

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