Zelda Zelda Zelda.. Everyone in one way or another has played at least one of the games in the long-running series. At least 100 people sure have and have collaborated together to make this sweet looking piece of art dedicated to Link.




source: Unreality

The higher-res image is on the source page. 100 artists, 25 years of Zelda and Link.


For anyone that is lucky to have this game (no matter where on this planet you are), you folks will get a kick out of this.. Get this right, as you know, Mortal Kombat 9 is an homage/reboot to Mortal Kombats 2 and 3. Nightmare on Elm Street was a classic horror film from the 80’s with the main villain as a brute demon who enters into people’s dreams. Well friends, this is retro clashing with retro here in a way, Freddy Krueger is going to be a character in Mortal Kombat. IGN has a trailer on YouTube showing what Freddy is capable of.


Source: Dvice

Uhhhhhghgghghhhhhhh *wipes drool* This is a 24-carat gold Atari 2600.. looks like it’s either based on the Vader, or a 4-switch Woody. Gorgeous, but it would come at a price. No mention on what it would be, but it would be HEAPS! I mean come on, you’ve seen how big those Atari’s are, and how much gold that is. No I won’t get one! :P Cheers for the link Sean!

And finally, be warned when clicking play on the embed as this is a TWO HOUR VIDEO. This speedrun is of somebody playing Mario 64 from start to finish with finding all 120 stars. Again, two hour video, so sit back, and enjoy?

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