Hooray! It’s Friday! Hope you all are going to cram some sort of gaming in to your schedules this weekend! I know I will be, as I recently scored Batman Returns and Super Adventure Island on the SNES. Alrighty on to today’s post;



Source: Deviant Art user Tomo-Chi

Adorable.. perhaps too adorable to eat!! Goomba Cupcakes lining up for the slaughter. There’s another picture on the Deviant Art page of insanely cute Mario mushroom cupcakes as well.

I like these kinds of videos, people paying tributes to games they loved as children, and still love as adults. This one is called “I dream in Retro”. Where the bloke in the video stays up late playing games, hits the hay, and starts dreaming an awesome mashup of video games. Great homage to Bionic Commando, Probotector (Contra), Castlevania and Mega Man, and a slew of other SNES titles (audibly and visually).


Dungeon Master, Shadowcaster, Eye of the Beholder, Elder Scrolls: Arena, Realms of Arkania, and Stonekeep to name a few.. Plenty of these kinds of games have kept us constantly playing over the years. Now we live in the tablet computer age, and I don’t see it being a bad thing that it’s coming out for smartphones and tablets, in particular iOS. Descend will be appearing on the App Store hopefully around September/October. In the meantime check out the additional screenshots in the TouchArcade forums.


The original Jagged Alliance, not the one on Nintendo DS

Speaking of Realms of Arkania, 1,2 and 3 of the game, as well as Jagged Alliance are on special at GOG.com. Those games + others are 40% off till end of this weekend. Classic PC games worth checking out!

And to end the post for the week, Your Favourite Martian has posted a cool music video to their song “8-bit World” which, well.. it’s a song all about love, partying, 8-bit gaming. Pretty frickin catchy tune! You can even download the MP3 on the YouTube page. Thanks for the link Amy!

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