SEGA has released so much hardware in such a short space of time, (these are facts here folks) that in less than 10 or so years, they have managed to release a Mega Drive, Saturn, Nomad, Mega Jet and the Dreamcast,  as well as two major hardware peripherals for one of the consoles (32x and Mega CD).


And here we have a case where someone decided to go a bit nuts and showcase just about every Mega Drive peripheral hooked together!  Kind of like a Frankenstein’s Monster Console! I wonder if it works?  My guess is no.



The cover disc on December 2011’s issue of Australian PC User this month includes a Classic Games resource kit. Upon further investigation of what the disc includes (besides frontends and applications like DOSBox), I found mentions of Super Mario 3, Tetris and even Legend of Zelda. I should add that they’re not official releases, but rather indie variants. Regardless, this is a great starter kit for anyone wanting to get back into classic gaming on modern computers.

The infamous ghosts from the Pac-Man games hanging out together, talking about their desires for Ms Pac-Man. The ogling that occurs in the video and the language may be offensive, so viewer’s discretion is advised.

Good Deal Games is one sweet site. They specialise in homebrew games for retro consoles, and recently a  few titles were released for the Atari 2600 VCS console. In particular one called Escape It!, which is based on the Labyrinth game on the Odyssey 2 console where you need to exit a maze which is constantly changing.

What stands out with this game, is that not only does it includes a new chipset, it’s also the first 2600 game to use use an interesting technique called “Bank switching“.




Last but not least, it has come to my attention that there’s an unnofficial fan-reboot of Final Fantasy 7 made from the Unreal engine. It is great to see that dedicated fans have conjured up something cool like this, but I doubt this project will last long. I mean do you recall about what happened to Chrono Resurrection? Oh, read on then…

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