We hope you got a chance to have a read Paul’s report on the Bandai Playdia console that he recently scored. There’s just something about learning about obscure consoles which just makes retrogaming a more fruitful experience, be it collecting or playing. :)

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More supermarkets should package their meat that way. 

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So here’s some interesting news, Konami bought Hudson Soft.. That’s right.. Hudson is now a subsidiary of one of Japan’s longest-running development companies! What will this mean for the infamous IP’s from Hudson? Probably not a lot, but time will tell in this crazy day and age no doubt!

Earlier in the week, GOG.com has released Police Quest 1-4. A classic adventure series from Sierra which was yet another one of many, which defined the point and click adventure genre. The collection is on the site for US$9.99.

Also Virtua Fighter 2 is available on iOS App Store (Link), which is based on the SEGA Mega Drive version… As opposed to say the Arcade version…

This week’s Chiptune goes to Souleye‘s track “Potential for Anything” from the Official Soundtrack to the Indie classic game VVVVVV

Finally, this video is long (like 24 minutes long), but quite comical. This bloke plays a modded version of Super Mario Bros. on the NES and gets pretty frustrated (Language may offend)

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