Any readers out there lucky enough to have owned, or still own, a Mega CD?  You know the one, that device that adds on to the Mega Drive (or Genesis if you’re from the US) so that you can play games on CD format?  Well, there were some horrible titles; some cult classics, and some just flat-out classics…

SEGA has released a new trailer for the up-and-coming re-release of Sonic CD, which is arguably one of the best Sonic games ever made. This particular game will be coming out late 2011 on a slew of platforms (XBLA/PSN/PC/Android, WinMo 7 and iOS). I for one have never played it, but no doubt many will be having a hard time deciding which platform to get this on.



You see a lot of these around, (and yes, it’s definitely a meme) but I just don’t get it?  This variation however, will no doubt appeal to all of you classic gamers out there :) Created by artist DannDesigns, this artwork is available for sale as a stretched canvas print and also in many other mediums.















Crikey, this is pretty impressive! It must of been difficult to paint an image on a roller garage door, but it certainly helps with the ‘interlaced effect’.  Another bit of gaming street art spotted in Paris (which seems to be a popular hive of activity for such things). Photograph by Flickr user lepublicnme and artwork by Keumar.


It’s not surprising that it’s been a hefty period of time (ten years to the date of October 22nd to be exact) since Grand Theft Auto 3 came out and redefined sandbox gaming, to how we see it today. Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto 3 is to be re-released on select Mobile platforms. Be sure to check the page for which devices in particular. Either way, it’s pretty exciting stuff considering what kind of game this is.


Michael Winslow on classic arcade games! by phoenixflame22

And finally, here’s a video which was taken at the Supanova Sci-Fi and Pop Culture convention in Brisbane 2008. Michael Winslow was asked about his favourite Arcade games from the early days, and proceeds to explain in a ‘colourful way’. For those of you who have seen any of the Police Academy films, you will know who Michael Winslow is. For those who don’t, he’s one of the finest human sound effects ‘machines’.

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