A box set of the original Voltron series on DVD was won by a lucky reader on Retrospekt a little while ago.

Then I noticed this little number!


This is the trailer for the up-and-coming Voltron game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, which will be available from their respective online stores sometime in October. It looks great, and yes, even though this isn’t a reboot of the original game per se, it still harnesses the sheer interest for the nostalgic at heart!



Pixiv.net hosts a lot of amazing artwork from Japan, but this artwork above really caught my eye!  Here we see Mario, Link, Kirby, and Donkey Kong driving along in a Famicom-themed car. Cute piece!



Nathan Williams of Californian Surf/Pop/Noise/Punk band Wavves, has mentioned on Twitter that he’s working on a remake of Paperboy, with slight psychedelic influences incorporated into the game. Looks interesting from the picture above, but only time will tell as to which platform it will be on (my guess is a mobile device of sorts).


2080 – My Megadrive (official video) by gourmetsrecordingz

Here is a music video inspired by a heavy influence of 16-bit animation, and is about artist 2080’s stolen megadrive. I must say, this is a pretty catchy Synthpop tune to boot!


Last but not one bit least, Gametraders is having a big sale for just one week! All pre-played games are to be discounted, but not only games for current consoles, retro gear as well! So be sure to drop down to your nearest Gametraders and score some wicked retro games! Don’t miss out! :D

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