Did you folks hear about the asteroid 2005 YU55 that narrowly missed Earth on Tuesday? Pretty scary stuff!

Luckily, we’re all still here safe and sound, as is Atari…




They would have to be really, so they could bring out this game called Asteroids Gunner for the iOS.  It’s basically a new spin on the popular classic “Asteroids” with new graphics, sound, and power-ups. Atari claims that the game will be free to download, with in-store app purchases to follow. Asteroids Gunner will be available after the 10th of November on the iOS App Store.


I personally don’t mind Outrun, it is after all, a classic racing game.  Heck, even the remakes are pretty schmick!  However, if you don’t have access to the home ports or the Arcade game, perhaps you could settle for this- an analog port of Outrun on the Arcade.  I must say it looks like fun, but sadly nothing can beat the original :)


Back now to the world of the iOS, where there’s a new retro-inspired game called Sad Robot. You play as a robot floating through space collecting coins and dodging incoming obstacles and enemies by tilting your iPad or iPhone. A great game that’s free, so check it out! :D (App Store Link)


Whilst on the topic of portable gaming, there is still no sign of new life from the Wii Virtual Console.  Regardless, the 3DS eShop has recently released some better-known old-school titles. 8-bit 8-ball classic “Side Pocket” will be coming out on the eShop sometime this week.



And to end today’s post on a Sonic-related note, there’s a store which is selling a Mega Drive sprite of Sonic the Hedgehog as a side table. Looks fantastic (as does the Link one from the same store).

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