There’s not that many of us around that think the SEGA Master System was a good console, what? I think it is… Hell even Harrison Ford thinks so it seems;



Source: BrandonBird

Hilarious but so obscure.. Nobody wants to play SEGA with Harrison Ford. You can buy that image as a poster HERE.

Do you know anyone that owned or preferably still owns an Intelivision? Well I ask because Donkey Kong is being re-made for the console, not as a port on a new gen console or anything, but original for Intellivision. The developer found that the port wasn’t that good back in the day, and proceeded to come back to it and make things right! You can pre-order HERE, and it will cost around US$50 with complete manual, game, box, etc.


There’s no denying it, Twitter is a very popular means of getting news, keeping in touch with friends, and promotions. Hell even Retrospekt is on Twitter! Well, if you’re after some kind of groovy twitter client for your iPhone, oh sure the official client is fantastic (it’s my preferred choice), but if you’re after a way to read your Tweets with a bit of pep? Why not give Pac’N Twit a try. Namco Bandai released this app, with a heavy Pac-Man theme behind it. It offers push notifications as well, and all the usual things you find in a regular Twitter client for your smartphone. It’s free, so have a look to see if it’s for you. (App Store Link)

And finally, Scorpion’s rap. Naughty language, but.. yeah Some might enjoy this, others won’t. Either way, it’s here for you to watch.



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