When people make artwork dedicated to video games, you can easily tell how so much heart and soul was put in to it!




Like this one from Deviant Art user Ken-Wong. Gorgeous Mario artwork right there. Such an insanely colourful collage incorporating so many of the more infamous games. Bravo! :D


It’s good to see a large range of old-school classics hitting the PSN store this week. In fact, the PSN Classics have grown into an interesting library so far (even with Cho Aniki). Okay, so forget that Cho Aniki is on there, by grabbing Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain instead!  It’s an overhead-view RPG which also came out on PC, where you play as Kain, a nobleman-turned-vampire set to seek vengence on those who killed him.


image source: Wikipedia


So okay, yes, there was a Simpsons side-scroller which came out on the iOS a little while back, but it wasn’t THE Arcade game. But that’s fine, because there’s a rumour that it is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. The game itself will be re-released by Backbone Entertainment (or at least according to the Australian Classification website). Either way it’s great to see this game come to modern devices, and who knows, maybe it will come to the mobile platform as well?  Only time will tell.



Have any of you played the old Rayman games? (Disregard the current ones with those peculiar rabbits, or “rabbids” in it)  No? Well no need to worry, as Rayman Origins (following suit to Sonic Generations) will be returning to the old-school 2D Platforming style for the new generations. The demo is available on Xbox 360 and PSN.



And finally, Videogame Haikus which are usually out on Friday, won’t be coming out today. It will be out early next week sometime instead.

However be sure to tune in to www.youtube.com/321showtv tonight for the Premiere of our new web show simply called “The 321 Show”. We will be discussing a topic chosen from a list by a D20 die, and then we’ll be delving into the new, but more importantly old-school side of gaming.

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