We hope you had fun plowing through the review of Legend of Zelda for the PC. A classic for DOS which had it’s quirks, yet stayed local as a clone.

(Image Source: Giantbomb)

This week on the Wii Virtual Console, for 600 points we see S.C.A.T. for the NES.. No.. nothing rude, just the Special Cybernetic Attack Team! Another classic from Natsume (creator of Pocky & Rocky, aka Kiki Kaikai, and Harvest Moon). A side-scrolling shooter very similar to Forgotten Worlds on the Arcades/SEGA Master System. Oh and word of advice? when looking for pictures of the game in google images? PLEASE for the love of pete, make sure you put “NES” in the search field as well.

Over at the UK Nintendo site, (OR US one depends on which one you check out.. and not the AU one), there’s a segment called Iwata Asks. It’s where the President of Nintendo: Satoru Iwata takes a retrospective (har har) look at the development of the Mario games and other bibs and bobs throughout the years. This particular one covers design and development of Super Mario Bros. on paper before it went digital, as well as decision on the control usage. Quite funny how it’s probably a good thing that UP is NOT Jump.. then again we’re all used to that factor :)

Yesterday a new retro-inspired game has popped onto the iOS App Store titled League of Evil. A simple platform game where you must leap across obstacles in each level, find a briefcase, and eliminate the scientist. You ARE evil after all! First impressions of the game? fun.. simple colourful fun.. Think Super Meat Boy, but more pixelated and on a smaller screen. Hey it’s AU$1.19 so why not?

And finally… WOAH! now this looks BADASS!!! Speedlink showcases the 25th Anniversary Competition Pro Joystick. One of the cornerstone classic joysticks used on a plethora of computers back in the day, like the C64, Atari ST, Amiga and more. This one is USB Powered, comes with a disc full of Amiga and C64 games, and is a limited edition run as in only 10,000 will be made. Get ready to hit the site in March this year if you want to own a piece of history.

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