Yes, I do realise that Winter is pretty much over Down Under, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some clothing for Winter next year right?

Especially when it looks like this!



This is definitely one for all the Zelda and Link fans. This hoodie has the Triforce symbol on the back, and pretty much looks like one of those University hoodies from the front. You can purchase this item from Etsy…perhaps an early Christmas present for yourself? :D



Over on the iOS and BlackBerry, a remake of Miner 2049er has been released. If you haven’t played it before, Miner 2049er is a simple platform game where you must walk on as much of the level as possible, whilst avoiding enemies. It’s a free download, but to unlock the original 1982 levels, you do need to pay a small fee. Looks like fun and is free, so why not?

(App Store Link) (BlackBerry Version).


Here is another short from YouTube user Andrewmfilms. This time he faces pixelated foes with some Retro warfare. There are some great effects used in this video. And if you like what you see, the artist has more similar videos on his YouTube page so check it out :)


And finally, here is a writeup about infinite loops and potentially being able to play Tetris forever (within the limits of the human anatomy I suppose). It is quite a fascinating read if you’re a fan of Tetris, and there is also some interesting reading about block patterns to follow.  So if you happen to be immortal and have nothing better to do for the rest of Infinity, Tetris might just be your best friend! :D

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