You may have recently seen the trailer for the up-and-coming 321 Show, but if not, here’s a sneak peek!


The team I’ve been working with on this show have been phenomenal! I have had the pleasure of working with DJ Tr!p, DX from GameDork, Shags from RadCom Team (game developers) and Evil Dan, and we’ve all been working around the clock to make this episode a reality.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!  :)



Game addicts are often caffeine addicts, and I’m no exception! I absolutely love coffee and tea!  I believe that both are quite essential beverages to drink when gaming, but with a mug like this, you can satisfy both addictions in style!


This week’s chiptune has more of a down-tempo feel to it, as opposed to the last few tunes of the week which have been pretty danceable and energetic. “Try”, by Jake Kauffman (aka Virt) is a great tune, it’s cheerful and melodic with a relaxing undertone. Virt has also composed music for modern games like Bloodrayne: Betrayal. “Try” is featured on the EP called “FX3”, and can be downloaded for free on his 8bitpeoples page.



In Russia there is a cartoon which began during the Soviet Era in the 1960’s and has become, to a degree, the nation’s icon.  Nu Pogodi! (Ну, погоди!) (or as translated in English, ‘Just you wait!’) is a textbook cartoon about a wolf chasing a rabbit a la Tom and Jerry style.

Back when the show was at the pinnacle of its popularity, an LCD “Game & Watch” game was made where you play as the wolf and have to catch the chicken’s eggs for the rabbit. You might find the physical LCD game on eBay, but if you can’t, you can get it on your iPhone or Android devices.

App Store Link

Android Marketplace Link


And finally, you may have noticed how Flash Mob activities are starting to become a popular trend in today’s society. Flash Mobbing basically involves a group of people getting out there doing fun things together in public.

Here’s an hilarious example, where folks dressed as characters from Mortal Kombat have been filmed strutting down the streets of New York City with a boom box blaring the Mortal Kombat theme tune from the film. Not only do they strut, but they also get their groove on and dance along like ravers!

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