Gamers right around the country are heading towards the state of Victoria for the second ever Penny Arcade Expo in Australia. We had the honour to be there for the first Australian PAX and are honoured to return after an extremely successful contribution that we have provided to the community.

For those of you who didn’t go last year, Retrospekt in conjunction with Retro Domination, Australian Retro Gamer and Retro Gaming Australia have teamed up to bring the Classic Console Area, along with our ever popular Super Video Game Trivia Challenge as well as hosting a screening of hit 90s video game show The Zone following with a Q&A with Richard ‘Bev’ Parnell which were both hosted by Paul Monopoli.

This year there is a whole lot more for you fine folk to check out at PAX which is situated at the Melbourne Convention and Entertainment Centre from Friday 31st October till 2nd November. First off, the Classic Gaming Area will be much bigger than last year’s meaning more games to play and tournaments to partake in. The newest addition is from the awesome fellows from Weird And Retro who are going to provide a classic handheld gaming area at the museum too.

Too many consoles to list, but expect a large and healthy dose for the weekend, you will not be disappointed. But wait, there’s still a whole lot more to check out! (in chronological order):



First off is a new panel hosted by Marcus Schmerl called The best [retro] video games you’ve [probably] never played. You’ve played the best gaming blockbusters on the latest systems – but what next? With over 100 years of gaming experience between us, it’s safe to say the teams from Retrospekt, Retro Domination, & Ausretrogamer have played a lot of games over the last 30 years. What might be surprising is some of our favourites aren’t well known. Join us on a journey where we showcase the more obscure titles that we love. Listen to why we love them, check out the videos, and find out how you too can play them.

Panelists: Marcus Schmerl [Contributor / Atari guy, Retrospekt], Paul Monopoli [Contributor / Amstrad guy, Retrospekt], Darren Borg [Co-owner / contributor / Commodore guy, Retro Domination], Alex Boz [Founder / writer / chief retro gamer, Ausretrogamer]

The best [retro] video games you’ve [probably] never played is on at the Kookaburra Theatre on Saturday 1st November at 11:00AM


In the evening After a successful run at the Adelaide Fringe, Super Video Game Trivia Challenge returns to PAX 2014 with another round. Join Quizmaster Paul once again as he delivers another round of trivia to our panel of video gaming experts. As usual, there will be audience participation and prizes for the most correct or funniest answers.

Panelists: Paul Monopoli [Presenter, Retrospekt], Melissa McDonald [Score Keeper, Retrospekt], Jess Wilson [Team Captain, Retrospekt], Neil Taylor [Team Support, Retrospekt], Mike Towns [Team Member, Retrospekt], Beverley Hull [Team Member, Retrospekt], Dave Kudrev [Team Member, Retrospekt]

Super Video Game Trivia Challenge will be on at 8:00PM Saturday 1st November at the Fruitbat Theatre. Please note that the event will be rated for audiences 15+


Come Sunday and head to the Kookaburra Theatre at 12:30 as Weird And Retro will be hosting their own Retro Roadshow! Come along to Weird And Retro’s Retro Roadshow and bring along your rarest and/or favourite video gaming item. Audience members will have the chance to be selected and talk about the items brought.

Panelists: Aleks Svetislav [Director, Weird And Retro], Kane Watters [Muscle, Weird And Retro], Pedro Batista [Collector Extraordinaire, Weird And Retro]

Retro Roadshow is on at the Kookaburra Theatre on Sunday 2nd November at 12:30PM



source: PAX Australia Facebook

Look folks, there are so many panels on over the weekend of PAX Australia 2014 (it’s 3 days strong after all), my recommendation is for you to download the PAX Australia 2014 app for iOS and Android and the Guidebook app for Windows Phone (you will need to download the PAX schedule on that). On behalf of the team at Retrospekt, we look forward to sharing with you what we love and grew up with, with the rest of Australia. All of this is not possible without the strong collaboration with PAX as well as the great folks from

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Australian Retro Gamer: 


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